Supporting Children & Young People with Autism & Anxiety.

Supporting Children and Young People with Autism and Anxiety

Hi there! I'm Patsy Holbrook, and I'd like to welcome you to Confidence Caffe

  • Targeted Support Tutor- support tailored carefully to your children’s needs
  • A wealth of experience in working with parents and multi-agency professionals
  • I love working with children and young people and use rapport, humour, visual and experiential learning
  • State and Independent School experience, relating to SEND
  • Particular interest in anxiety relating to Autism Spectrum Disorder and particularly working alongside Children and young people with Asperger’s Syndrome

If you’d told me 34 years ago, that I’d not only be running my own business, but empowering children and young people, I’d have laughed at you! I’ve not always been the confident and assertive person that I am today.

Like many children and young people, as a teenager I suffered with a crippling lack of self-confidence and poor self-esteem. Much of this was due to poor self-image, including buck teeth, blue rimmed National Health glasses and being well developed for my age. All of which made me a target for unkind comments and bullying.

I regularly feigned illness, in an attempt to skip school and avoid more hurt. My poor mum was forever making appointments for me to see the GP. They didn’t know what was wrong, but I did- I was scared and felt alone.

Fast forward to getting married and having 3 children. One of my sons struggled throughout his school career and I felt that nobody listened to my concerns as a parent and- more importantly- were able to meet his needs.  I was where parents and schools find themselves today,  wondering whether any positive action  would come out of the many multi-agency assessments being made.

It never did, and I worried how my child would manage without the support he desperately needed to progress.  Thankfully, he has, but he is where he is today due to his strength of character and stubbornness! The education system failed him miserably and this kick-started my determination and passion to ensure that no other child fell foul of the education system like we did.

This is what I do today- I am the piece of the jigsaw that was missing for both myself and my son when we were younger. I am a child's advocate and voice; a bridge between a family and the education authority; I empower children and their families to find every educational opportunity and support they need.

It is the best job in the world.

What I offer...

1:1 Targeted Support

Every child is unique and so are their support needs! Each of my targeted support programs are carefully tailored to meet your child’s individual needs.

If your child is struggling emotionally, in any area of their lives, even if they can't express what's troubling them- I can help!

Emotional Regulation & Collaborative Problem-solving Programmes

If your child finds it difficult to communicate their needs effectively, make and maintain friendships, struggles to work with others and would like to feel a sense of belonging with opportunities to make friends, our co-operative games clubs and personal problem-solving groups, will support your child with all of the above, in a discreet way!


Empowering Parents

Concerned about your child's social and emotional difficulties? Perhaps you're worried about how they will cope with transitioning from one school to another?

Whatever your concern, contact me to arrange a free, ‘Discovery’ session.

Supporting Schools and Alternative Provision

Are you struggling to re-engage struggling or disaffected learners?

Maybe your learners are struggling to recognise, name and regulate their emotions?

Perhaps your School Development Plan identifies the need for pupils to become independent problem-solvers and collaborators?

For 1:1 and/or small group sessions, that will make a real difference to your school community, contact me to see how I can help.

Webinars & Workshops

Whether you're a passionate Teaching Assistant, looking to develop your practise, or a pro-active parent looking to support your child, join me for one of my webinars or workshops, where you'll learn practical strategies that can be implemented immediately!

What's being said...

Mrs W, Worcester

Parent of a child with ASD traits

Patsy was really helpful when she came out to see us giving some advice and information about moving forward to help our child adjust to school. She is so friendly and understood our concerns and wanted the very best for our child. Would highly recommend her and her and the work she does.

Mrs W, Pershore.

Grandparent of a 12 year old boy with social communication difficulties and anxiety.

I first met Patsy when my 12 year old grandson was going through a particularly tough time.. The whole family was at crisis point but with Patsy’s input we are now all in a better place. My grandson was a very anxious and unhappy boy who could not interact with his peers although he was desperate to. Patsy has given him the tools to help overcome his problems and he is now a much calmer and more importantly, happier child.
Patsy is professional and extremely understanding and I would highly recommend her.

Mrs W, Evesham

Parent of a young child with a hearing impairment and dyslexic difficulties

Thank you for everything you have done for her. You have given her confidence at school and at home. The sessions are fun and educational which makes learning a breeze. Patsy is so passionate about what she does, I would 100% recommend her services.

Mrs S, Evesham

Parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome

She seems so much more relaxed and happy. I’ve no doubt it’s down to your friendship, guidance and warmth; a safe and kind person she can turn to for advice and support.

Mrs K, Worcester

Mother of a child with ASD traits

Patsy is very knowledgeable, about issues our children are facing, she has lots of fantastic advice. She gave my son & me outstanding advice. As a therapist myself I would highly recommend Patsy and her workshops!

Mrs K, Malvern

Former colleague

Patsy is a superb practitioner. As a former colleague, I can say from experience that she has had and still has, the most profound and positive influence on the confidence of many young people.

Mrs F, Worcester.

Mother of a 12 year old with self-confidence difficulties

In my daughters words ‘Patsy is amazing. She always made me laugh and I could just talk to her about my worries.‘
Patsy really made such a difference and helped my daughter to start believing in herself again.

Mrs E, Stourbridge

Mother of an adult child with ASD

Invaluable and wish she had been accessible to us when our son was younger he is 23
excellent service!

Mrs E, Drakes Broughton, Worcestershire

Mother of a teenager with ASD traits and anxiety

Words just don’t seem enough… our lives have been transformed both **** and I are happier, stronger and empowered to see some sort of way forward!

Mrs DFP, Evesham

Parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome and a language delay

Patsy has been incredible, not only in supporting my son who has a diagnosis of Aspergers & a language delay, but also being there for me as a parent whilst going through the process of getting an EHC plan for my son. I can honestly say she is one of the most passionate people I have met when it comes to making a difference to a child & helping them achieve what they are truly capable of. My son has made huge steps not only with his literacy, but with his social communication which, he struggled greatly with. One year on from support with Patsy and I have a child that is more confident, that can use coping strategies to help him work through problems rather than having a meltdown and he has progressed academically too. I would whole heartedly recommend Patsy, and I know she is out there to make a difference to those children that need it!

Mrs C, Worcester

Mother of a Year 5 child with ASD and sensory processing difficulties

Patsy has been working with my son, helping him recognise and manage his emotions and also talking about sharing, give and take and conversations. She has been so patient working with him on things he hasn’t found easy and wouldn’t hesitate to ask her for help again when my son needs it. She is also an amazing support for lots of parents too. I can’t reccommend Confidence Caffe enough

Mrs B, Droitwich

Parent of young person with ASD and Anxiety

Patsy came into our lives and with her positivity, encouragement and understanding. She has given my son the tools to help manage his anxiety and we are now on the road to recovery.

Mr I, Worcester.

Parent of a 15 year old, with Aspergers Syndrome, severe anxiety & depression

… I cannot praise her highly enough. There is no doubt in my mind that, without Patsy’s support, my son would not have reintegrated into school and wider society as he has. He would probably have ended up back in hospital. I am hugely grateful to her.

Mr B, Honeybourne.

Father of a 12 year old child with PTSD

Patsy made our daughter feel relaxed and built up a trusting rapport allowing her to open up. Succeeded where school and other professionals hadn’t. Some great techniques were explored that can be used now & for the rest her life. Thank you!

Mr and Mrs W, Droitwich

Parents of young person, with ASD and Anxiety

We have been dismissed from CAMHS as they were unable to engage with our daughter. Patsy was able to engage her in one session. Without Patsy, we really don’t know what we would of done. I’m sure she has her wonder women costume underneath.

Mr & Mrs W, Evesham.

Parents of 12 year old boy, with Selective Mutism and social anxiety.

H’s second session with Patsy was a revelation… within minutes we could hear 2 voices in conversation… It was almost as if Patsy had unlocked his voice, and H suddenly felt as if he had permission to speak freely.

Mr & Mrs L, Worcester.

Parents of child with ASD and Anxiety

Patsy put my anxious daughter at ease within minutes of their first session together and quickly developed a bond with her. My daughter has grown in confidence so much already, using the Confidence Caffe’s techniques, and I can see a real difference in her.

Master L

13 year old, with social communication difficulties and anxiety.

My support has changed me as a person. I didn’t think I’d ever fit in or have friends. Patsy fixed that and now I’m much more confident.

Master JB

15 year old with Asperger's Syndrome & anxiety

Patsy isn’t like a teacher. It’s like talking to a friend or family member!

Master I

15 Year old boy, with ASD and Anxiety

‘Everything’s just clicked! I don’t think I’ve ever processed this much!”

Master A

15 year old student, with dyslexia and anxiety

I was depressed then. I’d given up. Now I’m wooo! Let’s go!

JE, Stourbridge.

23 year old, with ASD

I am now confident that I am much better prepared to find a job in my sector, something that I would have had trouble doing before. I cannot recommend Patsy highly enough.

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